Guru Nanak College, Budhlada

Curriculum Innovation

As Guru Nanak College, Budhlada is affiliated to Punjabi university, Patiala so university designed curriculum is adopted by institute but application and implementation of curriculum is done with distinctiveness as the need of the students and innovatively to meet the outcomes of each program effectively.  Besides various conventional programmes, our college provides an excellent platform to skill based vocational courses addressing the need of entrepreneurship being situated in rural and backward region of Punjab.  These courses are locus of imparting skill to those students who have the will to learn and are keen to transform their life by skill empowerment. These courses focus on generating employability skills and entrepreneurship development. These skills empower them with strong communication, organization, leadership, team work, punctuality, belongingness towards society, critical thinking, creativity, adaptability, computer literacy and inclusiveness.

All programmes designed by affiliating university have tagged Programme Outcomes, Programme Specific Outcomes and Course Outcomes on the syllabi. These outcomes present a clear and brief description about the merits and productivity of the particular programme. Students get an insight about the skill related with the course, and its employability potential in future to get them financially stable. At the end of the session, there is a mapping exercise  that whether the course outcome aligns with Programme Specific Outcome and Programme Outcome.  If any gap between Attained Target and Overall Course Outcome attainment is observed then revision of lesson plans is recommended to plug the gap between the two. As institute has minimal role to play in the designing of curriculum being an affiliated college with parent university, Our mission gets accomplished only when learners receive what exactly we try to deliver them.

The faculty of the college is well versed with their specializations and they actively participate in university curriculum designing being in the panel as member of Board of Studies (BOS), Paper setting and evaluation process too.


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